The Week, June 2011
I was raised by my parents with the thought that we cannot see the Supreme Power but we do feel the presence of the power that brings us and takes us away from this world, constantly. In our family we surrender and bow down to that Super Power. My Pitah-guru guided me to realize God through our sound and music. My parents taught me to respect all faiths and religions, and to bow down and do pranam to all the learned mahatmas and messengers of God, to receive their blessings.

I had the honour of meeting Satya Sai Baba in the mid 1970’s. I was going through an emotional turmoil in my life at that time. The Police Commissioner of Bangalore then was Mr. Nizamuddin. Mrs. & Mr. Nizamuddin took me to Puttaparthi. That was the first time I received blessings from Baba. Mr. Nizamuddin’s wife Lakshmiji was physically challenged and could not walk without crutches. Every time I used to perform in Bangalore, Mr. Nizammuddin was seen carrying his wife in his arms into all my concerts. In the year 1975, I expressed my desire to Mr. Nizamuddin to meet Satya Sai baba. I will always be indebted to them for taking me to Puttaparthy. It was of course a much smaller set up back then. On arrival in Puttaparthy, Sai baba appeared and met all of us. He materialized ladoos and distributed them to all of us. Perhaps knowing my mind and desire for pure ghee, Baba mentioned that ladoos are made of pure ghee. Gradually, Baba invited all of us separately to his private chamber. While talking to me, I am sure Baba could read all the unrest and disturbances going on in my mind. I had requested him for his guidance on whom I should marry. He very profoundly said that Assamese girl is very good for you. This Assamese girl was to be Subhalakshmi Khan, who was Subhalakshmi Borooah earlier - a great Bharatnatyam dancer and a disciple of legendary Rukmini Arundale. Following this and after my marriage to Subhalakshmi, we were invited to perform on at the 70th birth celebration of Baba in Puttaparthi. Baba has always had special feelings and relationship with all the musicians of India. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many musicians of various styles and genres of music there. I remember Smt. M. S. Subbulakshmi telling me once that Baba is Saakshat Paramatma. We all performed in the presence of Baba and thousands of his devotees and followers who came from all over the world, numerous times. There were many other occasions on which my family and I visited Puttaparthi and Whitefield. We were very fortunate that few times we got the ‘interview’ with Baba and we sat near him in a very special room. It has always been a spiritual bliss to hear Baba’s preaching. During his discourses many times he sang with his divine and appealing beautiful voice. This shows the connection Baba had with music.

Both my sons, Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan have received lot of love and blessings from Baba. We are amazed to see Baba’s energy and vision to create the best hospitals, schools and colleges, and of course the tube wells that Baba allotted all over the village around Puttaparthi. This is a dedication and commitment is a testimony of his humanity and love.

I do meet and see lots of his devotees all over the world. I am sure lot of people have benefited and achieved their goal of life while serving Baba and the organizations all over the world. It has always been an honour, pleasure and privilege to be around Baba as and when the opportunity arose.

I was very blessed to have performed at his last birthday celebrations along with Amaan and Ayaan in Puttaparthi in November last year. By this time, Baba looked frail and was on a wheel chair. It was very sad to see him in this condition. He blessed us after the concert. He will always be remembered for all the good work and love that he spread amongst human beings.

May his soul rest in peace!

-Amjad Ali Khan