The Week, July 2010
After achieving our independence in the year 1947, every year we celebrated and also felicitated, remembered and offered homage to all our Heroes, Freedom fighters, soldiers and especially, our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. Every year we also celebrated our Republic day, which commemorates the date on which the Constitution of India came into force replacing the Government of India Act 1935 in the 1950, with the same warmth, gusto and fervor.

Our immediate rulers or forefathers were the British. Every Indian no matter what he was, a Raja Maharaja or a commoner had great admiration especially the way they use to dress up and the way they lived in a comfortable lifestyle, but at the same time, Indians had a tinge of inferiority complex. But they all wanted to look like the British and also behaved like them. (They were called Bada Sahibs) and also use to dress and eat on Tables and chairs, like a Bada sahib.

In fact, we Indians completely disconnected our selves with mother earth or ‘the ground.’ Even the lower middle class families began demanding dining Tables, chairs and Sofa sets as Dowry from the helpless families of the girl child for their living or drawing rooms. I personally feel that sitting on the chairs all the time is so unhealthy! I think the concept of a couch potato arises from here! Thanks to our old world heritage of Yoga, suddenly or gradually it is in vogue to ‘be connected to the ground’ and finally the world realized the importance of the ground or mother earth. In fact, the tradition of sitting on the floor and eating has been timeless in India and perhaps a very fascinating aspect of Indian history. For lunch and Dinners Muslims traditionally use to spread beautiful piece of cloth on the ground called DastarKhwan and Hindu’s preferred Thali, Banana Leaf or Pattal etc. Thank God because of our music, I have spent thousands of hour’s of quality time on the floor while at concerts, practicing or doing Sadhna at home. Although, I personally admired the European world; I wish we could learn the meaning of discipline and consideration as well from them.

Most of our affluent or rich class of Indians went abroad to the best of universities like Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Wharton, Stanford and Columbia etc for their higher education. It was all the more important for us being the third world country to have the best of education, especially to face the World. Considering multiple problems of each state of our country, I only hope every Indian in any corner of the country could have proper food, Water, Shelter and Electricity soon. The Incredible change within 63 years of India’s history of independence is phenomenal. Majority of Indians, no matter what age group they belong to, are unable to adjust and survive this drastic change of economical crises and constant deterioration of values of our old world culture. For this change it is difficult to blame any one political party or the system.

Today all the NRI,s and people of India are looking for a visionary strong dynamic young leader who could represent every region and religion of our country.. We need some one who could represent India more convincingly and communicate with the World with utmost humility and dignity.Traveling in India and all over the world, I could gather and understand that people are looking for another Mahatma Gandhi to emerge from the young India. However, today I can see a great change for the betterment of the Indian political system and approach. Many youngsters are entering in the political Arena and all the political parties, especially congress are encouraging and giving them very important responsibilities Many young MP;s are already made ministers and giving their best performances. There is a great expectation and hope from Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi in particular. I am very happy to read through the news papers that Rahul Gandhi invited Mr. William Henry Bill Gates III to his constituency, Amethi. I wish him and all the People of Amethi all the very best and my personal best wishes for great results in the future.