The Week, April 2011
I felt very sad to see the people of Japan suffering on account of the tsunami, the nuclear leakage that followed and the threat of earthquakes. When I see such devastation and disasters, I wonder about the power that creates these disasters. Which power creates earthquakes and tsunamis?

How can we explain a natural disaster? My prayers got out for all who have suffered in irreparable measures. I am sure that the whole world prays for Japan and that such a disaster never takes place again. I would like to appeal to the United Nation and the other world powers to take a decision to destroy all the nuclear weapons and order a complete BAN on the production of such weapons in the world. I am sure that all the peace loving and creative people of the world are with me in this appeal. We are seeing what this procurement is doing in Japan. Japan has already suffered from a nuclear attack in 1945. This ban is very important for world peace, especially today, when even more countries are procuring nuclear arsenals mainly to ensure political deterrence.

I am sad to see the current situation in Libya as well. It’s really very unfortunate. As a world traveler musician, I have been hearing the name of General Gaddafi and his activities for a long. However, I never imagined that Libya would become a international battleground. In spite of severe recession in the World, especially in the US, how could the united nation allow the western forces to strike Libya? I think it’s a threat to the world peace. The whole world and United Nation should immediately take a decision to find some other way to handle Libya problems by peaceful means.

If we look back we have lost the beautiful countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. The world kept watching the destruction. Although it was important to oppose violent forces in these regions, it was not necessary for Western forces to annihilate the entire fabric of these countries and overstay their peace-keeping visit. I am afraid that I can see a similar future of Libya. I very strongly feel the problems of Libya should have been handled by the neighboring countries. I hope that they will commit and dedicate their lives to furthering only peace and harmony in the world.

I really feel very sad to see Muslims killing Muslims on account of Shia and Sunni, even today. With all respects to all the priests of all the revered religions, I pray that only love and compassion should be inject and transmitted among children of the world for their bright future. It is our duty to grant peace and smiles to the younger generation of today and tomorrow so that they can achieve their destination and goal, without fail.

After all these years, I finally performed recently in Saudi Arabia in Dammam. I wonder why it took so long. Arabian influences on Indian music have been very historic. The performance was organised as part of an Indian business summit and cultural festival. India and Saudi Arabia have been at crossroads of exchanges. Culture, arts, ideology as well as economy - for thousand years India and Saudi Arabia have been partners in these fields and have reached a common ground which is echoed by their influences to each others cultures.